A Brief Outline of the DeFi Scenario, Global Economy, and the Importance of a Truly Decentralized Bitcoin in Ethereum

Bitcoin in Ethereum Network

Liquidity dashboard updates with new reward allocation, first Keep community fellowships and grants, and Saddle partnership.

This Week in Keep Network

  • Keep Network decided…

New Governance Forum for Threshold Network, Keep Network Website Redesigned & DAO proposal for the Threshold Network.

What’s new in Keep Network

  • On June 28th 11am EST, Figment’s Staking Hub…

Final T Proposal “RC0” has passed in Keep and Nucypher, KEEP token was listed for trading in Coinbase PRO and Binance.

What’s new in Keep Network

  • We had a joint Zoom community call with…

T Token rc0 Proposal is Live, Keep is Building the Coverage Pools in Public, and Rari FUSE Proposal to Integrate KEEP token.

This Week in Keep Network

  • Community members @nahuus and @EstebanK have written…

KEANU Hard-merge Vote was Launched, Keep Partnered with Zerion and the Multi-sig Passed the Staking Emissions Change.

This Week in Keep Network

  • The results of the KEEP staking emissions…

This article outlines the hard-merge proposal between Keep and NuCypher and its voting methodology.

Hard-merge Proposal of Keep and Nu Cypher Protocols, and Snapshot About Reduction of KEEP Staking Emissions.

This Week in Keep Network

  • A new KIP was proposed by…

Keep Liquidity Pools are integrated into Zapper, Keep Network is listed in DeFiPulse Rankings and Cream Proposal to add KEEP

This Week in Keep Network

  • The Saddle tBTC pool is now…

Ownership of tBTC v1 Contracts Transferred to Multi-sig, Gov. Forum Launched and Winners of the Design Contest Announced.

This Week in Keep Network

  • The Keep team transferred the ownership of…

Evandro Saturnino

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