A Brief Outline of the DeFi Scenario, Global Economy, and the Importance of a Truly Decentralized Bitcoin in Ethereum

Bitcoin in Ethereum Network

Where is Bitcoin in this conjuncture?

Liquidity dashboard updates with new reward allocation, first Keep community fellowships and grants, and Saddle partnership.

This Week in Keep Network

  • Keep Network decided to increase the rewards for KEEP/ETH and KEEP/TBTC LP tokens on Uniswap and also shipped a fancy new dashboard upgrade — Check it out here.
  • Keep just launched an update to the liquidity dashboard to support tBTC on Saddle, and are allocating 125k KEEP per week to LPs — Find…

New Governance Forum for Threshold Network, Keep Network Website Redesigned & DAO proposal for the Threshold Network.

What’s new in Keep Network

  • On June 28th 11am EST, Figment’s Staking Hub hosted Doug from Keep and Maclane from Nu Cypher to chat about the KEANU merger, and what that will mean moving forward — Catch it up.
  • We had a community call in the Discord voice channel on June 30th. We had Liz and Chris from the team to demo the…

Final T Proposal “RC0” has passed in Keep and Nucypher, KEEP token was listed for trading in Coinbase PRO and Binance.

What’s new in Keep Network

  • We had a joint Zoom community call with NuCypher on 06/03/2021. The call was to discuss the KEANU rc0 proposal with the community and to chart the path forward from here — Follow up here.
  • The vote for the merge token proposal opened in both Keep and NuCypher communities on 06/04/2021, remained open for 7 days, The options…

T Token rc0 Proposal is Live, Keep is Building the Coverage Pools in Public, and Rari FUSE Proposal to Integrate KEEP token.

This Week in Keep Network

  • Community members @nahuus and @EstebanK have written a blog post exploring the importance of coverage pools to tBTC v1.5. The post goes into much further detail along with the importance of a decentralized wrapped BTC on Ethereum — Check it out.
  • Keep liquidity rewards have been topped up. The distribution this week is: 25K KEEP to Uniswap…

KEANU Hard-merge Vote was Launched, Keep Partnered with Zerion and the Multi-sig Passed the Staking Emissions Change.

This Week in Keep Network

  • The results of the KEEP staking emissions change proposal snapshot are out! Stakers voted yes with a 100% approval rating. The proposal has moved to multi-sig vote for ratification — Verify the results here.
  • The Multi-sig passed the KEEP staking emissions change proposal! …

This article outlines the hard-merge proposal between Keep and NuCypher and its voting methodology.

What We Can Expect from KEANU Hard-Merge?

Hard-merge Proposal of Keep and Nu Cypher Protocols, and Snapshot About Reduction of KEEP Staking Emissions.

This Week in Keep Network

  • A new KIP was proposed by Matt Luongo, CEO of @keep_project to make, nothing less than the first on-chain protocol hard merge between Keep Network and Nu Cypher — Catch up here.
  • Keep Network and NuCypher team held two community calls about the hard merge proposal, the Nu Cypther call was recorded and the link of…

Keep Liquidity Pools are integrated into Zapper, Keep Network is listed in DeFiPulse Rankings and Cream Proposal to add KEEP

This Week in Keep Network

  • The Saddle tBTC pool is now open for anyone to lock LP tokens and receiving incentivized rewards in Keep Network Dashboard — Catch up here!
  • There’s a proposal up on CREAM from Harvest to add KEEP token as collateral to be lent and borrowed — We could use your votes on the forum!
  • Keep made it…

Ownership of tBTC v1 Contracts Transferred to Multi-sig, Gov. Forum Launched and Winners of the Design Contest Announced.

This Week in Keep Network

  • The Keep team transferred the ownership of tBTC v1 contracts to the community multi-sig members. This is a huge step towards empowering the community for the long-run through our decentralized community governance plan — Check out the details.
  • The project now has a community governance forum to discuss Keep Network Improvement Proposals or KIPs. …

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