How to withdraw your Keep Network Stakedrop using Etherscan

  1. Interval 0 was from September 14 — October 14 and the stakedrop reward for this first interval is now available for withdrawing to the beneficiary address, so firstly look for your operator on the website

2. After accessing your operator on the allthekeeps website, access and look for the function “rewardClaimed”

3. Check each of the deposits if the reward has already been claimed by some other signer or not, note that the deposits should be the ones you bonded with your ETH and that have Keep Status CLOSED on the period 14th September — 14th October, (Necessary to check one by one), to do so just insert the Keep Contract (Not the same as the Deposit Contract) that is on the deposit page on allthekeeps in the “rewardClaimed” _keep field and click on “Query” button.

5. Make a note with all the keep contracts for those deposits that have not yet received their rewards, it should be those that had presented false in the “rewardClaimed” function (Meaning that none of the signers have done the “receiveReward” function so far), and for those that presented true you can ignore it (Because one of the signers has already done the function “receiveReward” before)

After finding out which deposits have not yet received their rewards, now we will have to do this, and for that, just insert their keep contracts all together separated by commas in the function “receiveRewards” (in the case of more than one) or “receiveReward” ( in the case of just one) by the link — for example: “0x6083…3264,0x2460…4bee,0x0308…5bd8” and click on “Write” button (Insert the entire Keep contract, I am abbreviating it here to avoid identification)

NOTE: It will be necessary to pay a gas fee for these transactions, however this gas fee should not be too high, if it is too high or the Metamask presents any issue DO NOT make the transaction, because something must be wrong. For each deposit you make “receiveReward” it should be around 2–4 USD of gas fee on an average day, depending on the congestion of the Ethereum network

6. After doing the “receiveReward” function, now you will need to withdraw your reward, for that just use the “withdrawRewards” function on the same link: and insert the interval you want to withdraw (at the time I’m writing this guide, the interval is 0) and the operator address you wish to withdraw your rewards from in the function “withdrawRewards” and click on the “Write” button. After that, your rewards will be sent directly to the beneficiary address.

It will also be necessary to pay a gas fee to withdraw your reward, important to know that it also should not be too high, as this may be indicating an error in the procedure.

IMPORTANT: This guide was made with the intent of being instructive, and you must do this procedure at your OWN RISK, not recommended for beginners.