Keep Network Dev Updates: Issue #1

Liquidity dashboard updates with new reward allocation, first Keep community fellowships and grants, and Saddle partnership.

Hello world! Welcome to the very first issue of Keep Network DEV Updates, a weekly recap of all things related to the development of the Keep Network.

What is Keep Network? Keep is Ethereum’s first private computer, able to store and compute data hidden even from itself.

This Week in Keep Network

  • Keep Network decided to increase the rewards for KEEP/ETH and KEEP/TBTC LP tokens on Uniswap and also shipped a fancy new dashboard upgrade — Check it out here.
  • Keep just launched an update to the liquidity dashboard to support tBTC on Saddle, and are allocating 125k KEEP per week to LPs — Find it here.
  • Matt Luongo launched a poll to elect our first community multi-sig members. The multi-sig will be 5-of-8, and inherit full governance over tBTC v1, including managing Collateralization Ratio, fees, and lot sizes — Catch up here.
  • Keep Network announced the first community fellowships and grants. The first two fellowships go to community members and also a grant was allocated to support Chronologic in their development of an automated redemption system — Read it more here.
  • The first Keep community-wide call officially happened this Wednesday where Matt Luongo alongside Doug von Kohorn shared the Keep roadmap plan. More details will be shared soon with the call recording.

Updates & Releases

Token-dashboard/v1.7.2 was released this week. The token dashboard fixes and improvements since 1.7.1 are:

  • Fetch liquidity reward per week from contract instead of using hardcoded values which could lead to displaying outdated APY. (#2292).
  • Bump web3 dependency to v1.3.1 to address MetaMask v9.0.0 breaking changes described in MetaMask/metamask-extension (#2291).

Tokendashboard/v1.8.0 adds support for KEEP liquidity rewards for TBTC + Saddle pool and calculate the real-time APY of it. (#2294,#2295).

Tokendashboard/v1.8.1 fixes the problem with switching web3 provider on the liquidity rewards page that could lead to errors during staking LP tokens (#2299)

The key-generation SLA has been lowered to 80% to address the concerns of some operators. (#674)

Ongoing Discussions

Wow, what a week for Keep Network with a lot of news and development improvements, and nevertheless Matt Luongo managed to make the first community-wide call presenting the roadmap for this year. In case you missed the call, don’t despair! Stay connected with us and the team will be sharing it with the upcoming roadmap blog post.

If you were in the Bahamas on these holidays and you missed it, Matt Luongo ended last year with a flourish by participating in the Coinlist podcast where he shared his expectations for this new year — listen here!

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Did I Miss something?

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