Keep Network Dev Updates: Issue #6

Keep Liquidity Pools are integrated into Zapper, Keep Network is listed in DeFiPulse Rankings and Cream Proposal to add KEEP

Hello everyone! Another weekly Keep Network DEV Update is out: A weekly recap of all things related to the development of the Keep Network.

What is Keep Network? Keep is Ethereum’s first private computer, able to store and compute data hidden even from itself.

This Week in Keep Network

  • The Saddle tBTC pool is now open for anyone to lock LP tokens and receiving incentivized rewards in Keep Network Dashboard — Catch up here!
  • There’s a proposal up on CREAM from Harvest to add KEEP token as collateral to be lent and borrowed — We could use your votes on the forum!
  • Keep made it into the DeFiPulse community leaderboard with only the value locked in BTC and ETH. We look forward to increasing our placement along with our amazing community — Check it out.
  • The Keep Community Multisig voted YES to pass the KIP-003 proposal: As a result, this is the last week for incentives on the Uniswap KEEP / TBTC liquidity pool — Read it more here.
  • A joint proposal was made by our multi-sig members, State and Corollari, to reduce the staking rewards allocated to v1 in the stakedrop. This proposal would allow us to keep a reserve of 50M KEEP for launching v2 — It is described in detail here.
  • The Stakedrop rewards for the last staking interval were distributed to our users, claim gains in the Keep Token Dashboard — Check it out.
  • The Keep Network is still looking to hire a remote Product Designer, to lead the design direction of product & brand design systems and contribute to the company & community design culture — Read it here.

Keep Network integrated to Zapper

The Keep Network liquidity pools are integrated to, it is now possible to provide liquidity on the same platform that you already manage your assets:

  • Zapper gives you the possibility to manage your assets and at the same time provide liquidity in just a few clicks.
  • It is possible to provide liquidity with only ETH without the need to make manually several swaps in DEXes.
  • The liquidity pools are already listed with their respective APYs comparatively, unlike in Uniswap that we need to search for the pair specifically or in some cases create the pair to provide liquidity.
  • Keep network incentivized farms are also listed, but it is not yet possible to stake LP directly through Zapper yet.
  • Zapper allows the user to track the history and progress of your investments.

Development Updates

It is possible to verify by the pull requests in the Keep network repositories that a lot of exciting progress is happening in the integration with Celo, We’re in the path of making tBTC finally a multi-chain solution, KEEP stakers will be able to earn in new ways by serving Celo users using the same tools, bringing privacy infrastructure to the chain and BTC to Celo’s reserve-backed cUSD.

The Pull Request #66 in Keep-Common repository (Depends on #64) Is introducing Celo common tools which are intended to be used by keep-core and keep-ecdsa clients, which basically comprises the following tools:

  • celo.Config struct has been created by extracting core parts of ethereum.Config.
  • celoutil.ErrorResolver struct has been duplicated. It originates from the ethutil.ErrorResolver.
  • celoutil.CallAtBlock and celoutil.EstimateGas have been also duplicated.
  • celoutil.TransactionOptions is also a copy of the original ethutil.TransactionOptions.
  • celoutil.WithResubscription is also a duplicate of an ethutil type. It strongly depends on go-ethereum module and it's short. This weakens the reasons for making it an ethlike component.
  • celoutil.CeloSigner type has been created similar to the EthereumSigner type.
  • Some minor helper functions (like celoutil.AddressFromHex or celoutil.DecryptKeyFile have been also created as direct Celo counterparts of the originals written for Ethereum.

All of them contain chain-specific logic, and keeping them as separated duplicates opens the possibility for easy per chain customizations if needed. Last but not least, Keep is still at an early stage with multi-chain support and we can always revisit this code in the future and modify it according to gained knowledge.

As a next step, this pull request also adds a celoutil.ethlikeAdapter which allows tools from ethlike package to be used with the Celo chain. This is a continuation of the approach presented in previous PR #64 where the team did the same for Ethereum.

Finally, this PR also introduces major changes to the former tools/generators/ethereum package, now renamed to tools/generators/ethlike. (#66)

Chain specific balance monitor is being introduced on PR #2344 at keep-core repository (Also depends on PR #64), according to the changes made in keep-common, the balance monitor is no longer a chain-agnostic concept. Because of that, this change removes it from the chain.Handle interface. Instead of that, each chain implementation has a possibility to decide whether it provides a balance monitor or not. Apart from that, the team is also regenerating contract bindings in order to apply changes made in keep-common generators. (#2344)

Ongoing Discussions

Also, just like last week’s Weekly Dev Update, I’m highlighting the community marketing call meeting that takes place every Thursday at 3 pm EST at Discord, if you are interested in being part of this and makes a difference yourself with marketing ideas this meeting is for you, I’ll be expecting you there!

On our last call we discussed:

  • Find ways to let people know about Cream’s proposal to include KEEP as collateral;
  • How can we make an effective marketing campaign about the integration of Keep in Zapper;
  • How to make the community more engaged in the discussions happening on the governance forums;

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